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No one can steal our precious memories. So, we should not let them get spoiled by anyone.
KAT-TUN welcome
Happy KAT-TUN Day to all Hyphens!
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Konbanwa, mina-san! ^^/

It has been a long time since I started to write this post (it was in August, I think…). It somehow stuck in my computer only half-prepared and I just wasn´t able to finish it (from many many reasons). But finally! I could do it, and I´m proud of myself.   ^^´

Spin-chan ( [livejournal.com profile] spinelie), who now belongs to my ´thanks-LJ-for-letting-me-know-about-these-Hyphens´ Friends, was at the beginning of this idea, as she made this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFIta22AhOs) lovely video about her KAT-TUN Top 10…
I was thinking about doing something like this when the Anniversary Album was released and I´ve found out that Hyphens chose some songs, which I would not include into the Best OF (as Bounce Girl, or Shunkanshuuto) myself. It made me wonder if I´m able to do some selection at all. Because at first, when I tried to think about my favorite songs, I realized there would be at least Top 30 chart from them. I thought that I´m just not able to do it, because… you know… I love all their songs. XD
But following Spin-chan´s example, I decided to be harsh on myself and chose "really" only ten. Though, I cheated a little in the end…
I couldn´t do only one chart, so there are TWO of them. The first one includes only 6-nin songs and the second chart is for 5- and 4-nin songs.

I love KAT-TUN music in general and many of their songs are really… special for me, even though I do not consider them to be especially great as comes to music or lyrics, so I wasn´t able to choose a proper order for them. Therefore, they´re aligned according to the date of release or the sequence at the album. So, it doesn´t mean that REAL FACE mentioned as the first is my favorite. XD
Also, I´d like to mention that NO solos and NO special compilations (as Kizuna, Butterfly or Monster Night) are considered in those charts. I´d have to make a third one for those. XD

Let me know what your favorite KAT-TUN songs are, if you like, or make a chart on your own. It was not easy (IT WAS HELL TO PICK SO FEW, DAMN IT), but it was really a fun to do it. And it´s a good reminder of everything what our dear Captains accomplished so far.

Keep waiting for their comeback, kimitachi! ^^/

KAT-TUN Top 10... No less than two of them! )
Desperate note: And now tell me where the hell should I include Bokura no Machi de? And why TWILIGHT, BLACK, CRAZY LOVE, WHITE X-MAS or BIRTH couldn´t squeeze in there somewhere?!
Ok, I rather shut up already... XD


PS: Working also at RW II. Coming soon! ^^v
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Kon´nichiwa! ^^/

With a kind approval of
[livejournal.com profile] spinelie, I´d like to share the two of her hilarious videos about KAT-TUN, which are really... apt. :´D Both of them made me laugh so hard, I couldn´t stop even on the day after, just remembering it.

Just fyi, neither of them mean any offense to ANY of the members, so there´s no need to be upset or angry
(it´s obvious that she loves them just as the rest of us ^^´).
And hell, we all need some fun in these hiatus-days, right?

So, enjoy and keep waiting for our Pirates! ^^/



All the credits belong to:
YouTube Channel:

PS: And... it felt really... good, when I realized that (FINALLY) I´m able to laugh at all those facts and memories, despite the fact they´re still painful...
... it was about time....
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I´m a little late, but still... I´d like to join one nice idea about posting this statement... And I was in THE mood today...



PS: It´s still hard to believe that as of today are our dear guys officially 3-nin group... Just how did it come to this outcome?
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Happy 10th Anniversary Day to KAT-TUN and all Hyphens around!!
KAT-TUN welcome
No matter the difficulties on this long voyage with our dear "pirates", today we have a reason to celebrate! It s been 10 years since the ´Real Face´ debut! And it´s damn hard to believe it...

Let´s use this opportunity and make this "322 day" as special as possible; since it´s a once in a lifetime occassion...

Omedetou KAT-TUN no mina-san! ^^
PS: Even Jin and Koki remembered this day on their twitter accounts, making me all teary and happy...

PPS: A proper 10th anniversary related message for KAT-TUN will follow later - it´s a part of a certain contest and I can´t publish it before the results are out. ^_^´
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I admit that I had no big expectations, when I first heard about Koki´s new band INKT, but those guys are really nice surprise for me so far. I came to like ´Trigger´ a lot, and I fell for ´Zutto´ at the first listening... ^^ Now I cannot wait to hear the rest of songs too.

INKT - Trigger (Official YouTube channel)

INKT - Zutto (Official YouTube channel)

Source: Arama!Japan
INKT releases full PVs for Trigger and Zutto


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