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Otanjoubi omedetou, Kame-chan!!

It´s really hard to believe that our dear ´Turtle´, K of KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya is already thirty years old!
Come on, how does he do that? He looks more like twenty. XD
From time to time, I´m still amazed that with the passing years my admiration, respect and fangirl love for this talented and handsome young man only grow and get stronger. He´s not only my favorite singer or actor or idol or ichiban anymore. He means much more than only that to me. In more ways than one he had become my role model. Keeping such a strong affection towards someone I´ve never met in person may be weird, but it´s how I feel, and I consider it simply special. Too special to ever give up on it...

Just a random pick from my favorites... )
PS: At the opportunity of Kame´s birhtday, I´ve joined the idea of ´Kame World Fan Project´ and prepared the special postcard. It´s not adressed only to Kame though, it belongs to all members, since they all deserve our support... I remember now, I used to send a lot of similar postcards before, after Koki was kicked out... Who knows if KAT-TUN even ever got their hands on it? But I can (and should) keep on my faith in this too, shouldn´t I?
Postcard for Kame + KAT-TUN from Prague )
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Somehow, (and this time it was really almost a miracle with that crazy schedule of mine XD) I managed to send also the postcard number 14 on time.
This one definitely belongs to my favorites; Arabian Hyphens did a great job with it. ^^

It´s the first one in 2015 (and I´m still in this project, even though I didn´t expect it O_o) and also the first one, which I sent from Prague... More information will (hopefully) follow later in some private post.

Jaa! ^^/

postcard no 14postcard no 14 second page
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Last one in the year 2014...
Postcard 13
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... successfully sent on 11th November, I just forgot to make a post about it. ^^´

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...this time sent with a lot of emotions, which didn´t leave me since the concert in Yoyogi Stadium. ^^
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It´s raining and raining and raining...

This ugly weather in my country, which reminds me November much more than the end of summer time, got me surprised. But I cannot care less, when my so-long-expected vacation is coming closer and closer. Finally, just ten more days left and I´ll be off my crazy workplace for a longer time than just for a weekend... It is really more than about time, as I´m on the edge of hysterical laughter every second day and of furious burst out every first one... But I will hold on! I have no other choice, anyway. XD

I will keep you updated about where I´m going and how it will influence the closing chapters of RW later.
Keeping a secret for the moment. ^_^v

And as usually, my next KAT-TUN postcard was sent just on the deadline day. ^^´

KAT-TUN 10th postcard
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Proud to state that I managed to send the ninth postcard for KAT-TUN (from England fandom this time) on the last day of the deadline. XD
But I have to say I got quite surprised, when the postal clerk requested me to fill in the customs declaration... O_O Wth is that? I have to declare, what I´m sending in that thin envelope with fan postcard? Is that a new improvement of ´Cool Japan´? Something like their ´Manga-Anime Guardian Anti-piracy fucking project´?

Have any of you heard about it? They want to shut down every single website which provides free manga or anime. Oh, isn´t it a nice idea? Because international otaku have the same opportunities to get their hands on this stuff as Japanese ones, right?
*the irony dripping of my lips*

About M.A.G. on Arama!Japan

I think I´m going to watch some anime to improve my mood...

Have a nice evening/morning/day! ^^/
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All those postcards, which I had already sent to Japan, look so great put together that I just couldn´t help sharing this...
The whole post you can find on http://kat_tunpostcard.livejournal.com/.
And I also wanted to share [livejournal.com profile] leen1707´s opinion about the recent revelation regarding to Oricon Chart sales counting... We share the same dream about KAT-TUN´s concert in Europe... ^^

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] leen1707 at Intermediary promo-post of the "International Hyphens Support KAT-TUN" postcard project

Let's support KAT-TUN together!

P.S. A few words on the matter of Oricon )
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...sent today.
I think that this time I was a little emotional during writing my message on the back side of it (as I´m still in a kind of touched mood caused by the Countdown), but whatever... Who knows where all these postcards end up anyway... But I keep clinging on my hopes that it is on the right place. ^^

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Konbanwa!! ^_^/

Just a few hours ago, I got back from the biggest Czech otaku convention Animefest 2014, which took place in Brno since Friday.
It was a great event as always, despite it is becoming a little crowded with each year. XD
It is too late and I´m too tired to continue in details now, but I will definitely write more and post some pictures later ;), for now just next in the row of my postcards for KAT-TUN...

Wish you a good working/school Monday tomorrow. ^^



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