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18.4. – 23.4. 2016, ÓSAKA

I´ve been there with my sis for 5 nights...
- flying with Emirates Airlines (one of the best we´ve used for traveling so far, at least according to my opinion)
- visiting Hozanji Temple, Namba, Daisenryo Kofun tomb, Kyocera Dome ^_^, Aquarium Kaiyukan, Shintennoji Temple, Osaka Castle and Floating Garden
- shopping in Book-Off shops (yes, again), in Shinsaibashi and in Tower Records of course!
- eating takoyaki, gyoza, ramen, soba noodles and tempura and more.... I just loved breakfasts (rice and salmon!!)

The weather was mostly sunny and even too warm for my taste, it was raining for just one day and then in the evening of our departure.
I also tried used my poor Nihongo (Japanese) a few times, suprisingly with success and bought a lot of sweets and omiyage (souvenirs) for friends and family.
And a top of this "trip" – KAT-TUN の ´10ks!´ live in Kyocera Dome = unforgettable experience.

Looking at what I wrote, I think we managed quite a lot within such short time. And I already miss Japan... Again.

PS: We managed to catch quite a few Johnny´s idols on TV, but Kame just once in Raizin CM! O_o

A few photos I took if you´re interested... )
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And this is my favorite one... I think that this is one of the best I´ve ever drawn regarding Naruto. And it didn´t fit into previous posts, so I decided to post it separately. :)

Hatake Kakashi (as ANBU member)
Hatake Kakashi-ANBU
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Second part of my Naruto pictures...
Unfortunately, after I started to draw characters from Shippuuden, I had less and less time for it, so there´re not so many as from the first series. I wonder, whether I´ll be ever able to return to this hobby of mine again... :/

Uzumaki Naruto
Naruto Ship
Haruno Sakura
Naruto and Gaara

Naruto and Sasuke
Uchiha brothers
Uchiha brothers
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I was kinda doing a cleaning in my PC and found some old pictures I drew, when I was in my obsession by Naruto period. XD And decided to post some, for fun. Enjoy! :)

Uzumaki Naruto
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi
Itachi and Sasuke

Uchiha Itachi
Subaku no Gaara
Naruto vs. Sasuke
Naruto vs. Sasuke
Naruto vs. Sasuke 2
Team 7
Team 7
Naruto and Sasuke
Naruto and Sasuke
Not so bad, nee? XD
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OK, I know, it´s not perfect. It´s far away from being even good! :D I´m not reborn Michelangelo, lol. Originally, I didn´t want to post it on the web, as I´m not safisfied with the result at all (my Kame doesn´t look like Kame! why??). But…
When I was younger, I drew a lot of various pictures, I mean A LOT. After I started working, there was no time, so I haven´t drawn anything for years. Till now. I spent three weeks sitting above it, everytime I got back from work, I sat at the kitchen table for at least an hour almost every day. It doesn´t look like that, but it really took me so much time and effort to draw it. And I was doing it with joy and love. So I decided to publish it in the end. And I´m ready for any critics. :D
And I´ve decided right now – I wanna try to draw these two again. I won´t give up! :)

AKame Picture

PS: No computer adjustments.


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