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No one can steal our precious memories. So, we should not let them get spoiled by anyone.
KAT-TUN welcome
Happy KAT-TUN Day to all Hyphens!
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Konbanwa, mina-san! ^^/

It has been a long time since I started to write this post (it was in August, I think…). It somehow stuck in my computer only half-prepared and I just wasn´t able to finish it (from many many reasons). But finally! I could do it, and I´m proud of myself.   ^^´

Spin-chan ( [livejournal.com profile] spinelie), who now belongs to my ´thanks-LJ-for-letting-me-know-about-these-Hyphens´ Friends, was at the beginning of this idea, as she made this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFIta22AhOs) lovely video about her KAT-TUN Top 10…
I was thinking about doing something like this when the Anniversary Album was released and I´ve found out that Hyphens chose some songs, which I would not include into the Best OF (as Bounce Girl, or Shunkanshuuto) myself. It made me wonder if I´m able to do some selection at all. Because at first, when I tried to think about my favorite songs, I realized there would be at least Top 30 chart from them. I thought that I´m just not able to do it, because… you know… I love all their songs. XD
But following Spin-chan´s example, I decided to be harsh on myself and chose "really" only ten. Though, I cheated a little in the end…
I couldn´t do only one chart, so there are TWO of them. The first one includes only 6-nin songs and the second chart is for 5- and 4-nin songs.

I love KAT-TUN music in general and many of their songs are really… special for me, even though I do not consider them to be especially great as comes to music or lyrics, so I wasn´t able to choose a proper order for them. Therefore, they´re aligned according to the date of release or the sequence at the album. So, it doesn´t mean that REAL FACE mentioned as the first is my favorite. XD
Also, I´d like to mention that NO solos and NO special compilations (as Kizuna, Butterfly or Monster Night) are considered in those charts. I´d have to make a third one for those. XD

Let me know what your favorite KAT-TUN songs are, if you like, or make a chart on your own. It was not easy (IT WAS HELL TO PICK SO FEW, DAMN IT), but it was really a fun to do it. And it´s a good reminder of everything what our dear Captains accomplished so far.

Keep waiting for their comeback, kimitachi! ^^/

KAT-TUN Top 10... No less than two of them! )
Desperate note: And now tell me where the hell should I include Bokura no Machi de? And why TWILIGHT, BLACK, CRAZY LOVE, WHITE X-MAS or BIRTH couldn´t squeeze in there somewhere?!
Ok, I rather shut up already... XD


PS: Working also at RW II. Coming soon! ^^v
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This is something what I simply MUST share.
It´s totally crazy music video of that kind which you either love or hate, and I was crying with laughter while watching it.
And that ending literally killed me off. XD

So, here you go with Jin´s and Takayuki´s "Fool´s Day Joke"...
I´m going to collect myself now. :´D

Arama!Japan article:

Edit: Btw, even Jin himself tagged this as #JapaneseStupidPop and #LetsRegret (I´d also add #jinlogic and #bakanishineverdies :D :D).Those two do not take this seriously at all, they´re just having fun, so I suppose we shoud do the same. :D
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Kon´nichiwa! ^^/

With a kind approval of
[livejournal.com profile] spinelie, I´d like to share the two of her hilarious videos about KAT-TUN, which are really... apt. :´D Both of them made me laugh so hard, I couldn´t stop even on the day after, just remembering it.

Just fyi, neither of them mean any offense to ANY of the members, so there´s no need to be upset or angry
(it´s obvious that she loves them just as the rest of us ^^´).
And hell, we all need some fun in these hiatus-days, right?

So, enjoy and keep waiting for our Pirates! ^^/



All the credits belong to:
YouTube Channel:

PS: And... it felt really... good, when I realized that (FINALLY) I´m able to laugh at all those facts and memories, despite the fact they´re still painful...
... it was about time....
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Dear RW readers...

Last time I made a similar post, someone mentioned that it´d have been nice to listen to the music, which I use for stirring my imagination regarding to ´Red West´, while actually reading the fanfic. So, I´ve decided to "publish" the first part of OST for RW II., ´cause yes, I did this again. From some reason, it´s fun to choose the songs fitting to this story. There is also the second part of this "OST", but since the rest of the songs would have been a little... spoiling, I keep them secret for now. ^^´

In case you´re interested, you can download it here on uložto.cz:

Password/Heslo: Aka_NishiOST1

The list of songs and all the credits follow below in the cut, but just as the last time - I recommend you to listen without knowing the original source of the songs.

And in case you had missed the previous post, here you can find the RW I. OST:
Password/Heslo: JinGunslinger


PS: RW II. Chapter twenty nine is already in the beta-reader mailbox. ^^v

Red West II. OST 1 - List of songs )
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I´m a little late, but still... I´d like to join one nice idea about posting this statement... And I was in THE mood today...



PS: It´s still hard to believe that as of today are our dear guys officially 3-nin group... Just how did it come to this outcome?
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Kon´nichiwa! ^^/

So... To my great surprise, I´ve managed to reach the lovely 2nd place in KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary contest!
*dancing around*
Once again, arigatou gozaimashita to everyone who voted for me!

And here it goes - my special Anniversary message for KAT-TUN...
The point of the contest was to include 10 KAT-TUN group songs into it. I´ve managed to hide a little more of them there, but the capital and bold ones count in this case. ^_^


Your road has never been very easy, has it? Step by step you kept climbing up that long and difficult ladder in show-business and even seemed to enjoy balancing on the edge of it all the time. But it´s just one of many things, which make you so special…

Despite it shook heavily from time to time, that CHAIN OF LOVE with which you tied our hearts with bonds never broke. You brought us both laugh and tears, both joy and sorrow with such intensity that sometimes it felt as a quite SADISTIC LOVE. You made us overcome DISTANCEs, you RESCUEd us with your music and despite some of your PROMISE SONGs turned out unfulfilled, you have always been too PRECIOUS ONEs to us to let you go.

You are our STARs and we are your Hyphens no matter what. RIGHT NOW it might feel difficult and unbearable but once, a BRAND NEW DAY will come again and when you are there, we will be there too.


I hope you all had a great Anniversary day!


PS: I´m just curious - can you see ALL KAT-TUN songs in that message? You can try to count them and let me know in the comment if you like. ^_^
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Happy 10th Anniversary Day to KAT-TUN and all Hyphens around!!
KAT-TUN welcome
No matter the difficulties on this long voyage with our dear "pirates", today we have a reason to celebrate! It s been 10 years since the ´Real Face´ debut! And it´s damn hard to believe it...

Let´s use this opportunity and make this "322 day" as special as possible; since it´s a once in a lifetime occassion...

Omedetou KAT-TUN no mina-san! ^^
PS: Even Jin and Koki remembered this day on their twitter accounts, making me all teary and happy...

PPS: A proper 10th anniversary related message for KAT-TUN will follow later - it´s a part of a certain contest and I can´t publish it before the results are out. ^_^´
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Konnichiwa! ^^/

Once again, just some sharing today...
From the reasons, which are obviously stated below, I got interested in this interview with songwriter/producer Steven Lee.

Good to hear there is also this kind of KAT-TUN´s Hyphens. :D

Oh, yes, no matter that this song, in contrast with its title, brings more pain than joy, I´m quite proud of this piece of KAT-TUN music as well. ^^´
The complete interview here on Arama!Japan:

PS: For being so short and not exactly coherent today - gomen´nasai. I´ve just finished reading Junno´s 10k interview and it left me in a very... agitated state of mind. Just to be clear - I´m not upset at him, not at all! If anything, I came to understand him even more. It´s just... I have such a strong feeling the things really didn´t have to end up the way they did. -_-


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