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1. - 3. 5. 2015, BRNO

3700 otaku at one place in Czech Republic, that is quite impressive, isn´t it? ^_^ I wonder if there is even a limit for that gradually increasing number of visitors. It was already our - me and my dear sis - fifth time (everything just goes faster and faster...) and as always, it was an awesome relaxing weekend. I´m ashamed I didn´t find time to write something about it till now - it was already a month ago! But we all know, what the reality can be like, right?

This time we went there a little in advance and picked up our bracelets along with the program, so we didn´t have to wait in that two-hour-long queue as last year. It was a very nice change of our usual start. :D With so many anime-and-manga-greedy fans you needed to be at least a little lucky to get inside the auditoriums, but I think we are kind of used to it already... Fortunately the live streaming was working just great this time, so we managed to attend parts of the program, which would have been impossible to see otherwise.

This year´s topic was school and it was quite a fun. :D Just check out the promo music video of the organizators...

I´m not sure if I remember everything what we attended this year... We saw the Opening Ceremony of the whole con thanks to the streaming, than AMV Competition (a lot of Shingeki no Kyojin stuff...), Cosplay Music Video Competition (surprisingly well-done videos...), followed by The story of Princess Kaguya movie. It was nicely animated, but with the too damn long scenes... I was getting worried I might fall asleep. -_- Than we somehow managed to push ourselves at Censorship in anime and since then I cannot get the picture of Sanji from One Piece with the lollipop instead of a cigarette out of my mind ... Censors are creepy idiots. :/

The next day we had a lot of fun watching the Ouran High School Host Club and then Cosplay Contest - the participants were simply awesome this year, this is the winner:
The Cliche of sporty animes was the best lecture of the whole con, Actually in J-rock missed Gackt, but included ONE OK ROCK :D and the Sunday´s lecture about the Archetypes in the homoerotic literature was a little dissapointing, but in the overall I was satisfied with our schedule.

I was surprised (or not so much, actually...) that among the goods offered in the stands (which were overwhelmed by Tokyo Ghoul stuff) this year were also some CD´s, posters etc. of Korean and Japanese groups... (during the previous years I managed to spot just some old Gackt´s CD´s). Seems the merchants had finally realized that being interested in Japanese anime doesn´t mean that otaku are not interested in anything else... We even found some old KAT-TUN CD´s includiing Real Face there! Who would ever think something like this will be available in Brno at the moment when I was dragging a damn heavy suitcase full of KAT-TUN´s music from Tokyo... ^^

Naturally, we didn´t want that weekend to end, but there is always another year, for which I hope I willl finally create a new cosplay.... m^_^m

CMV ^_^ )
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Full Trailer of ´Joker Game´ released + KAT-TUN´s new single ´Dead or Alive´ confirmed for theme song...

Arama! Japan: Joker Game Full Trailer Out, KAT-TUN sings “Dead or Alive” for theme song

And moreover! Kame´s solo ´Hanasainaide Ai´ was confirmed as well!!
Finally!! Damn, it was really about time, I have been waiting for it since the first solo PV, which was performed by... ah, it was Koki, right? Well... So, for damn long, yes.
I cannot wait for what Kame will prepare for our poor fangirls´ hearts. ^^

And one more... Jimusho probably thought it would be for the best to overload us with any possible Kamenashi-stuff at once, so also his new dorama has been announced, to be aired in January 2015 - ´Second Love´.

AsianWiki: Second Love dorama

Ok, add ´Vancouver no Asahi´ to the list and now tell me how the hell am I supposed to sleep calmly while waiting for all of this? XD
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Omg... I just can´t breathe properly...
Can I see this masterpiece like right now, please? *o*
Ok, the Joker Game trailer made its job more than well in my case... ^^´

And just for the record, the trailer for the other Kame´s movie - Vancouver no Asahi:

And of course, this is a-must-see-thing too. ^^

Is there anyone else in such an impatient mode as I am? :D

*just sharing my fangirl mood*
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Another year, another great weekend in... )
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Hello dears~

Just a small watching-J-stuff update this time. ^^

Dare da omae? - Ore! Ore! )
Ore, Ore Trailer - ENG sub

Next in the order - Tokyo Bandwagon! ^^
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The little list of what I´ve seen recently, this time focused only at the movies...
Rurouni Kenshin, The Hobbit, Pan´s Labyrinth and 47 Ronin of course... )
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It seems to me that I wrote this at the time I was totally lost in certain "Crows"... XD

Something about Crows Zero movies... )

Since that time I saw many other movies, but again Crows remained my favorite, I think. ;)
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Hello everyone....
This is one of the first articles I wrote about my obsession with Japan and stuff related to it.
In case you´re interested, enjoy!

Japanese "like" things and examples of them... )

Well, let me tell you that it was surprisingly interesting to read this now. Basically, the “things I like” remained the same, but quite a few “things I dislike” appeared in past year or more. :/ After my experiences in this country and after so much time spent looking for more information etc. my opinions changed. But I guess that´s nothing surprising, in the end...
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Short summary of my anime weekend in Brno... )
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or "It´s Me, It´s Me" in English... :-)

OMG, after watching this trailer I started to be really curious about what this movie will be like. It had to be a great challenge for Kame and I´m really looking forward to see it, even though we have to wait for so looong... :/

And the theme song will be KAT-TUN´s of course... XD

+ Article on Arama:
Ore, Ore


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