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Dear readers…

A warning first - this is quite a depressive entry…

I had absolutely no idea that I hit the point so much with the title of the latest RW chapter… It gives me the goosebumps now. To say that the past week sucked as comes for the J-entertainment news would be a damn understatement.

First Junno announced his departure from KAT-TUN, which threw me into a heart-aching pessimistic mood and as soon as I was able to talk out of it and calm down a little, just another unexpected shock came.
Shota of ADAMS (http://adamshota.com/), the guitarist and singer of this j-rock neosexual duo, suffered a brain stroke on the stage during their fourth concert of this year´s world tour in Warsawa, Poland. He passed away this morning, on 30th of November.

I still can´t believe it, really... What the hell is going on recently?

You might remember me mentioning ADAMS before; I´ve been on their concerts twice. Only months ago I was looking right into the eyes of this handsome guy, telling to him and Adam they were great. I´ve got his signature on their CD I bought there... With my sis, we were planning to attend their next concert in Prague, just within two weeks…

This came like a damn bolt from the blue; I´m still shocked and feel so sorry for Adam and all Shota´s relatives.

´Rest in peace, Shota-san.
I will always love what you managed to create with Adam, your great music and exciting performances. You brought something new, fresh and lovely to my overview of music. Thank you for that and for always coming back to even such a small country as Czech Republic.
I´ll not forget.´

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Who would have thought that I would be able to see these two hansome guys live on the stage again so soon?
It´s almost a year since I´ve found out about ADAMS, who are in the middle of their SEXPLOSION tour over Europe, and attended their live with my dearest sis. And here we go again...

Catchy, energetic, romantic, tragic, hopefull - all at once in each of their songs.
They were awesome again and I enjoyed their performance in a small Prague club much more than I´ve even hoped (who cares that quite unusual parts of my muscles ache and I barely talk? XD).
They gave me a new energy and good mood for the whole next week.

This time I couldn´t resist to buy their new CD and even get their signatures (and to tell them my humble arigatou personally ^_^).
Both Adam and Shota were quite tired after the show, but very nice and patient with their fans´ requests...
But what else to expect from Japanese. ^^

Official website: http://adamshota.com/

A pilot song from the new album (unfortunately, the rest of them is not available yet....)

PS: It was so good to catch some ´breeze´ from Japan... Thank you, guys... Please, come again. Onegaishimasu!

A new piece into my CD collection... ^^ )


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