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18.4. – 23.4. 2016, ÓSAKA

I´ve been there with my sis for 5 nights...
- flying with Emirates Airlines (one of the best we´ve used for traveling so far, at least according to my opinion)
- visiting Hozanji Temple, Namba, Daisenryo Kofun tomb, Kyocera Dome ^_^, Aquarium Kaiyukan, Shintennoji Temple, Osaka Castle and Floating Garden
- shopping in Book-Off shops (yes, again), in Shinsaibashi and in Tower Records of course!
- eating takoyaki, gyoza, ramen, soba noodles and tempura and more.... I just loved breakfasts (rice and salmon!!)

The weather was mostly sunny and even too warm for my taste, it was raining for just one day and then in the evening of our departure.
I also tried used my poor Nihongo (Japanese) a few times, suprisingly with success and bought a lot of sweets and omiyage (souvenirs) for friends and family.
And a top of this "trip" – KAT-TUN の ´10ks!´ live in Kyocera Dome = unforgettable experience.

Looking at what I wrote, I think we managed quite a lot within such short time. And I already miss Japan... Again.

PS: We managed to catch quite a few Johnny´s idols on TV, but Kame just once in Raizin CM! O_o

A few photos I took if you´re interested... )
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Can I just say that I love those covers? ^_^´

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Minasan... My dears...

The visits of my LJ has just exceeded 40 000 today! \^^/

(Maybe it doesn´t seem to be of any importance, but it has a great significance to me...)
Moreover, I think that for the first time since I´ve created this profile, the most of the visitors are from the Czech Republic - how comes that I don´t know you all in person?! :D :D

So, no matter that most of you are very (VERY) silent, at least thanks to the Flagcounter I know you´re out there. ^^v
I´d like to thank you all for stopping by, for reading and for every and each of your comment you left behind either at my precious RW story or anywhere else.

Arigatou gozaimashita!

PS: Btw, did you already see KAT-TUN´s performace of TRAGEDY?
Watching it reminded me very painfully, that I don´t want to lose the FOUR of them, I really don´t... T_T
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Full Trailer of ´Joker Game´ released + KAT-TUN´s new single ´Dead or Alive´ confirmed for theme song...

Arama! Japan: Joker Game Full Trailer Out, KAT-TUN sings “Dead or Alive” for theme song

And moreover! Kame´s solo ´Hanasainaide Ai´ was confirmed as well!!
Finally!! Damn, it was really about time, I have been waiting for it since the first solo PV, which was performed by... ah, it was Koki, right? Well... So, for damn long, yes.
I cannot wait for what Kame will prepare for our poor fangirls´ hearts. ^^

And one more... Jimusho probably thought it would be for the best to overload us with any possible Kamenashi-stuff at once, so also his new dorama has been announced, to be aired in January 2015 - ´Second Love´.

AsianWiki: Second Love dorama

Ok, add ´Vancouver no Asahi´ to the list and now tell me how the hell am I supposed to sleep calmly while waiting for all of this? XD
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That day was sunny, hot and windy and I really learnt my lesson not to expose my European skin to the Japanese sun. XD
Landmark Tower
Beautiful day in Yokohama and evening with beer and Going! )

To be continued~
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Do you remember Odagiri Ryu walking through the alley of trees?
Or Yabuki Hayato running like crazy on the same pavement, only in the opposite direction?
Or both of them lying on the meadow feeling chilly as Yankumi was quite upset that they skipped the school?
Because exactly to those places we headed on the next day... ^^
Back in time
Fangirling in Fuchu-no-Mori Park, shopping in Shibuya and a little more... )

To be continued~
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Just a little introduction... ^^´
I knew it back then, two years ago. At the moment we left Tokyo for another part of our journey across the middle Japan, I knew that I have to return there again. Once was simply not enough.
That time, I was just a member of a big group of tourists, which happened to be an obstacle anywhere it moved (and it was really getting on my nerves >…<). As it was my first time in Japan, I was in awe over everything I saw and experienced. Not that I was not thrilled about the tiniest things AGAIN, only this time it was exactly that kind of vacation I was eager for. Being able to follow (and to constantly change) own schedule and spending hours on the places, which might seem insignificant to usual tourists, but they were precious to me. That was what I needed and that was what I enjoyed to the last bit.

If I should express it briefly, my second vacation in Japan together with my dear sis was one of the best periods of my life. To a stranger, I´m not able to explain properly, what attracts me to Japan so much, except mentioning the culture, nature, language, music, anime and manga. They still don´t understand. And maybe I do not understand it either… But I am really happy, that I have ever fallen for this country; taking it whole as it is, with its good and bad sides. I cannot imagine my life without it anymore…

Sorry, I will stop pondering about my inner ´Japanese self´ for now. And if you are interested, allow me to tell you something about the actual time I spent in Tokyo. ^^ I will divide my experiences in a few posts and I will try hard not to be boring. No matter if you were, are, going to be, or want to be in Japan, I hope you will enjoy reading this. ^^

Read more about our journey and the first evening in Asakusa... )


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