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No one can steal our precious memories. So, we should not let them get spoiled by anyone.
KAT-TUN welcome
Happy KAT-TUN Day to all Hyphens!
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It´s that time of the year again and... I just want to say THANK YOU.
Thank you to everyone, who are my Friends here on LJ, to everyone, who read my fanfics and especially to those who comment them.
It means much more to me than you think.

Have a nice time spent with those you love and who love you back.
Merry Christmas!

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Dear RW readers...

Last time I made a similar post, someone mentioned that it´d have been nice to listen to the music, which I use for stirring my imagination regarding to ´Red West´, while actually reading the fanfic. So, I´ve decided to "publish" the first part of OST for RW II., ´cause yes, I did this again. From some reason, it´s fun to choose the songs fitting to this story. There is also the second part of this "OST", but since the rest of the songs would have been a little... spoiling, I keep them secret for now. ^^´

In case you´re interested, you can download it here on uložto.cz:

Password/Heslo: Aka_NishiOST1

The list of songs and all the credits follow below in the cut, but just as the last time - I recommend you to listen without knowing the original source of the songs.

And in case you had missed the previous post, here you can find the RW I. OST:
Password/Heslo: JinGunslinger


PS: RW II. Chapter twenty nine is already in the beta-reader mailbox. ^^v

Red West II. OST 1 - List of songs )
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Maybe I´m just impatient or it´s simply a somehow weird/bad/busy period for everyone now, but...
Is anyone out there reading this LJ at all? O_O
It would be nice to know...
It feels like I´m all alone over here. T_T

PS: Don´t mind me, seems that from some reason I´m oversensitive recently... At least, I got out one of those things which bother me. XD

Thank you so so so much to all of you, my dears, who let me know that LJ is not so silent, as it seems to be. I was really worried that all of you have given up on me. I guess I just needed some... assurance, that I´m not writing RW just for myself. XD I´m really happy that I have readers like you. <3
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Only shortly today...

April had been a very busy month for me. I feel quite tired and knowing that upcoming two weeks are going to be only a little better doesn´t help much. On the other hand, it was the month filled with so many great moments and experiences, that I cannot really complain about it and remembering them is helping me to go on in this a bit exhausting period (though, dealing with KAT-TUN going on hiatus is much harder, harder than I expected... maybe I should just stop watching all those videos showing their last live in Tokyo Dome...).



I had been in Ósaka, where I was lucky enough to see KAT-TUN ´10ks´ live, and after that I´ve attended my most favorite otaku-related event of the year in our country. I´d like to create a proper (and very detailed) article about both Japan-vacation and AnimeFest 2016, but since I have very limited ´space´ for anything in general, I´m afraid I´ll make it quite short, if I want to write anything at all. Anyway, I will publish it in separate posts - to be followed.

There´s been a lot to deal with at once and despite it was mostly in the positive way, I do hope it gets calmer for at least some time now, I really need it. ^_^´

Till next time... Thanks for your patience.

PS: Just let me mention one more thing – did you notice what date Jin chose for releasing his new album „Audio Fashion“? I mean the day in the month. ^^´


Official website:

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Minasan... My dears...

The visits of my LJ has just exceeded 40 000 today! \^^/

(Maybe it doesn´t seem to be of any importance, but it has a great significance to me...)
Moreover, I think that for the first time since I´ve created this profile, the most of the visitors are from the Czech Republic - how comes that I don´t know you all in person?! :D :D

So, no matter that most of you are very (VERY) silent, at least thanks to the Flagcounter I know you´re out there. ^^v
I´d like to thank you all for stopping by, for reading and for every and each of your comment you left behind either at my precious RW story or anywhere else.

Arigatou gozaimashita!

PS: Btw, did you already see KAT-TUN´s performace of TRAGEDY?
Watching it reminded me very painfully, that I don´t want to lose the FOUR of them, I really don´t... T_T
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No matter where you are or what problems chase you, enjoy this time of the year with those who you love.
That´s what matters about Christmas.

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Dear RW readers!

I´m happy and proud that I can present you the Red West trailer made by my dearest beta-reader [livejournal.com profile] theblackheat, who sent this to me just today, as a very surprising and lovely birthday gift.
Once again, thank you so much, dear. <3 <3 <3

Here you go...  Enjoy! ^_^

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RW Banner

Rating: NC-17
Western, Drama, Romance
Summary: To live in the Wild West is nothing for weaklings. Is there even any space for the values as friendship and love? Or should all emotions be forgotten, if you want to survive?
Kazuya lives with his mother in the small town in Montana, not aware of that the arrival of one handsome stranger is going to sway not only with his life, but also with his heart...
Jin seeking the vengeance for his best friend would have never thought that one nice bartender is going to change him much more than he could have ever expected...
Warning: AKame pairing; AU; vulgarisms, violence


// Prologue //
Chapter one - Newcomer in the town // Chapter two - Indian friend //
Chapter three - Blackfeet Tribe // Chapter four - Sneaking and spying //
Chapter five - Shooting competition // Chapter six - Value of life //
Chapter seven - Into the woods // Chapter eight - Tracking down //
Chapter nine - Grizzly // Chapter ten - The last campfire //
Chapter eleven - Troubles comeback // Chapter twelve - Karnaka´s residence //
Chapter thirteen - Silence before the storm // Chapter fourteen - Fatal confrontation //
Chapter fifteen - Care // Chapter sixteen - At the stake //
Chapter seventeen - Surprising outcome // Chapter eighteen - Ravings //
Chapter nineteen - The kiss // Chapter twenty - Telegram //
Chapter twenty one - Bad feelings // Chapter twenty two - Kuro´s moment //
Intermezzo - Yamapi //
Chapter twenty three - The slave // Chapter twenty four - No more pain //
Chapter twenty five - Power of emotions // Chapter twenty six - Kame´s choice //
Chapter twenty seven - No justice // Chapter twenty eight - High price //
Chapter twenty nine - Bonds // Chapter thirty - Standing up together //
Chapter thirty one - Revealing secrets // Chapter thirty two - Voice of heart //
Chapter thirty three - Important meeting // Chapter thirty four - Snowstorm //
Chapter thirty five - Dispute of generations // Chapter thirty six - In the heat of battle //
Chapter thirty seven - Liwan´s advice // Chapter thirty eight - Peaceful days //
Chapter thirty nine - Back in civilization // Chapter forty - The trial //
Chapter forty one - Ice // Chapter forty two - Unfinished business //
Chapter forty three - Planning and preparations // Chapter forty four - Fire //
Chapter forty five - Losing control // Chapter forty six - Behind the last wall //
Chapter forty seven - Uninvited visitor // Chapter forty eight - Wanted //
Chapter forty nine - One day

This fanfiction is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] theblackheat and [livejournal.com profile] seiko22. ´Red West´ wouldn´t have been created without you two. <3


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My dear LJ friends and random visitors…

I do not intend to make any long intercession, as I´m sure you all are busy enough with the preparation for Christmas holidays and deserved relaxing, as well as myself.

Just let me wish you Merry Christmas spent with your
Precious ones, have a Good Time, while celebrating the New Year and avoid the hangovers. ;)

Once again I thank to those of you, who found some time to comment my posts, no matter if related to my fanfiction or private life, I´m glad I could met you at least in this virtual world.

Especially I thank to all RW readers for your support and nice encouraging words. It was a great time I spent writing this fic and replying to your comments. I hope to meet all of you again in 2015. ^^/

Enjoy the Christmas the best way possible.


A/N: Till today I didn´t even know that this picture exists, from some reason I fell in love with it and I really wanted to share it with you. ^^
kat-tun in six_christmas 14


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