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Hello everyone...

I bet many of you have to deal with this year´s incredible heat as myself, so maybe I have here something to cool you down. The rewrite of my second ballad. And again - it´s really old thing and I had to correct a lot of mistakes, but maybe you´ll like it.

Warning: depressing, bloody, rating 15+
AN: Honestly, I have no idea from where I got dark thoughts like this...


If only I could, I would take with me to the grave,
what happened to me this summer by one lake.

The weather was beautiful and the water warm,
near village peaceful, the people there nice.
Now it´s very hard for me to stay calm,
when I´m writing the events of unbelievable size.

I had a family, I think big enough,
my parents loved each other, with my siblings it wasn´t tough.
Brother with his dark hair and deep voice
and sister for whom was always hard to make a choice.

I loved all of them by my heart and soul,
we were common family for which less usually meant more.
But on that cursed day by distant lake,
a bad creature came and I was late.

I had an argument with my mother,
so angry I went out to look for my father.
He was supposed to fish somewhere nearby,
but I couldn´t find him and didn´t know why.

Suddenly I heard some horrible scream...
I ran at once back to the cottage I left
and I thought that I was having a horrible dream.
At first it looked like a stupid theft.

The door was opened, everywhere deadly silence,
I didn´t understand that strange nonsense.

I went inside and carefully looked
and there was my mother on the wall hooked.
Her eyes were closed, her hair bloody stained,
I wasn´t able to move, I was stiffened.
After that was heard another scream,
from to where my little sis went for an ice-cream.

I forced myself to move, going to the small entrance was fight.
The entrance to the cellar, where was only one blinking light.
My sister was lying on the cold ground,
around her pink ice-cream and crimson blood.
Fear was disappearing from her eyes,
I heard her last breath as quiet as of a little mouse.

My hands were trembling, on my skin sweat,
I wasn´t surprised by next yell above my head.
“My brother not!” I screamed in my mind
and by the fastest pace I ran out.

My second sibling was on the lake´s bank,
he was kneeling, the blood gushing from his neck.
He looked at me and tried to say some words,
but then he fell down without any other sounds.

I was stroking his faces, but he was dead too,
and I heard some steps coming closer to...
I looked up and started to cry.
It was my beloved father and I whispered: “Why?”
He was covered by our family blood,
holding the big knife stained by the same stuff.
He didn´t answered and I realized that he had to be mad,
because there was nothing in his eyes than murder and evil itself.

I was holding my brother´s head, ready for the death,
but my father stopped suddenly and the knife his hand left.
Something pitch black came out of him, It looked at me and It was gone.
Father´s tears were flowing on his faces as he saw his dead son.
He remembered probably what he had done
and took the knife again from the light of sun.

I whispered: “Father, don´t...!”, but he smiled half insane, half sadly
and pierced the weapon into his breast so badly...
I shouted, he fell down on the ground,
where he was by some people later found.

I was crying, I was screaming, I roared and sobbed
for a long time I stayed there by two bodies dead.

And then was dark and I stood up
I was so tired, felt like having a little nap...

I saw dead brother, dead father too,
In the cellar my sister was without a move.
In the cottage my mother was still hanging on the wall,
it was all so painful that I felt I had a broken soul.
I went out again and continued into lake,
knowing very well, that none of that was fake.

I was going and going and then on the spot I stayed,
at the place where the water was reaching my neck.
I saw the dark phantom in front of me again,
he was smiling satisfied with his cruel game.
With changed mind I returned to the bank, said goodbye my family
and determined set off the journey finally.

This journey is still continuing,
at its end my aim is waiting.
To revenge my family, my brother and sister, parents both,
to revenge all of them, to find that damned daemon.
To tear up his body, to pierce both his eyes,
to kill him in the worst way and with smile at my face.

And then... I don´t know, I think I´ll die.
To be able to see again my mother´s and father´s smile.
To hear the sound of my brother´s and sister´s laugh.
And then eventually I´ll be happy in the world after death...
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I found one really old thing in my PC - I wrote it four years ago and my English was terrible then. I was in the right mood for rewriting and decided to share it.

Warning: It´s a ballad, depressing, bad ending. DO NOT read, if you don´t like this genre.

AN: Sorry for any mistakes, no beta...


It was a summer day and the weather was nice,
the forest full of peace, the songs of birds rising up to the skies.
There were two brothers under the trees,
one of them down on his knees.
They were fighters, they were practising a fight,
the older brother was for younger one unreachable light.
He admired him like nobody around the world,
he had him in his heart as firmly as sword.
The young man always protected his brother,
replacing him their own father.
The father, who was killed in the darkness of night,
the small kid remembers it, it happened in his sight.

The sun set down and when the night came then
brothers stopped fighting like right men.
Exhausted they went home,
to their awaiting mother with a clear soul.
She put in front of them well smelling dinner
and they ate it so as not to be thinner.
After that brothers went together to sleep,
mother cleaned up, before the same counting of sheep.

In the middle of night there was a strange noise,
waking up the smaller brother and he smelt something with his nose.
The bright light was around him and the heat was burning his skin,
he didn´t know what´s happening, but he knew  it wasn´t a dream.
He couldn´t look directly to the flame,
which was burning the door through he usually came.
He wanted to scream but the air wasn´t there,
he already saw only the death everywhere.
Suddenly somebody broke through the door
and jumped over the fire that was spreading more and more.
“Brother ...” the boy whispered even though half suffocated,
older brother took his hand, for running away, he wanted...
But no escape from the blazing room, except the window
only it was a few metres down.
The older brother encouraged his sibling,
and they both took a resolve for jumping.
It was like an eternity, before they fell down to the earth,
fortunately without injuries, just catching hard their breath.

They stopped at the river bank turning back again
and they saw the result of someone´s horrible plan.
Their native house was whole in the flames,
as if the fire had got at this the claims.

Small boy looked at his brother with despair in the eyes.
“Where´s Mum?” he asked, not wanting lies.
The older one stared at the damage of their birthplace,
between himself and brother he´d like to spread the space.
Afterwards he looked in his younger brother´s eyes,
it was so hard, he managed to say it after a few trials.
“She stayed in her bedroom, I wasn´t able to save her, too.”
“Why?!” his brother screamed and he answered: “Because I chose you.”


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