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Can I just say that I love those covers? ^_^´

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Full Trailer of ´Joker Game´ released + KAT-TUN´s new single ´Dead or Alive´ confirmed for theme song...

Arama! Japan: Joker Game Full Trailer Out, KAT-TUN sings “Dead or Alive” for theme song

And moreover! Kame´s solo ´Hanasainaide Ai´ was confirmed as well!!
Finally!! Damn, it was really about time, I have been waiting for it since the first solo PV, which was performed by... ah, it was Koki, right? Well... So, for damn long, yes.
I cannot wait for what Kame will prepare for our poor fangirls´ hearts. ^^

And one more... Jimusho probably thought it would be for the best to overload us with any possible Kamenashi-stuff at once, so also his new dorama has been announced, to be aired in January 2015 - ´Second Love´.

AsianWiki: Second Love dorama

Ok, add ´Vancouver no Asahi´ to the list and now tell me how the hell am I supposed to sleep calmly while waiting for all of this? XD
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That day was sunny, hot and windy and I really learnt my lesson not to expose my European skin to the Japanese sun. XD
Landmark Tower
Beautiful day in Yokohama and evening with beer and Going! )

To be continued~
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Do you remember Odagiri Ryu walking through the alley of trees?
Or Yabuki Hayato running like crazy on the same pavement, only in the opposite direction?
Or both of them lying on the meadow feeling chilly as Yankumi was quite upset that they skipped the school?
Because exactly to those places we headed on the next day... ^^
Back in time
Fangirling in Fuchu-no-Mori Park, shopping in Shibuya and a little more... )

To be continued~
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Well... In this case, my excited opinion about J-doramas got some quite significant cracks during the time and right now, I´m somehow fed up of them, so I don´t watch any at the moment. But that doesn´t mean I´m not looking forward to Kame´s Tokyo Bandwagon! XD

Read more about my "old" impression of J-doramas... )
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Hello everyone....
This is one of the first articles I wrote about my obsession with Japan and stuff related to it.
In case you´re interested, enjoy!

Japanese "like" things and examples of them... )

Well, let me tell you that it was surprisingly interesting to read this now. Basically, the “things I like” remained the same, but quite a few “things I dislike” appeared in past year or more. :/ After my experiences in this country and after so much time spent looking for more information etc. my opinions changed. But I guess that´s nothing surprising, in the end...
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Or „Humanoid Monster Bem“
Horror, supernatural, adventure, 10-episodes j-dorama from 2011
Starring: Kamenashi Kazuya, Anne, Suzuki Fuku, Kitamura Kazuki

Yokai Ningen Bem

Yokai Ningen Bem... )
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After a month I just want to write down next few things I´ve watched recently. It helps me to keep some order in that chaos... :) No anime this time as I didn´t finish it yet.

Bloody Monday 2
Psychologic/action-thriller-dorama from 2010, continuation of first season from 2008
Starring: Haruma Miura, Takeru Satou, Kawashima Umika

It´s already some time ago I watched the first season of this, but I got to see the continuation until now. The main character is young genius hacker known as Falcon, who is "asked" to help the special police unit THIRD-i with the fight against terrorists. Even though the plot is a litle overcomplicated with some unlogical twists (so I´ll rather skip any description of it, it´d be only confusing XD), it´s really thrilling and had my full attention till the very end. And there´s one fact about this dorama, which was very refreshing for me - NO Johnny´s. :D :D

Romantic dorama from 2005
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Shinohara Ryoko

Noda Naoko is like a big sister to her co-workers, giving them advices with everything including love problems, although she´s already 32-year-old and still single. Her lonely life changes at the moment when new young colleague - Kurosawa Akihiko - is hired by her company.
OK, I like Akanishi´s acting but this was... Hilarious. He was so wooden towards older woman! XD But it was cute and his puppy eyes were kinda irresistible. It wasn´t bad dorama, but nearing the end I was annoyed by neverending talks about marriage (as it was the most important thing in the life) and also by Naoko´s awful behaviour to Akihiko.

Ai no Kotodama
Or "Words of Devotion from 2008, romance, boys love XD
Starring: Tokuyama Hidenori, Saito Yasuka

I´d have never thought, that I would go that far as watching gay movies… I´ve never really liked this kind of entertainment, you know. I almost vomitted, when I saw Brokeback Mountain on TV! Not that this movie is so bad, it´s pretty good actually, but certain scenes in tent etc. were nothing for me. And now? What the hell happened to me? XD
I found this movie by accident, started to watch it from curiosity, stayed in front of monitor instead of going to sleep and then realized that I liked it. This is what AKame did to me. Not only fanfiction addiction, but also movies... Well, never mind, it´s not the point of this post anyway.
The story of Ai no Kotodama follows the relationship of two boys living together on quite nice terms, till old friend (a girl) of one of them appears and the other one starts to be jealous without a reason. It has not exactly complicated plot, but what I can say about it, it´s really nice. So nice, that I was smiling like an idiot most of the time.

And that´s it, for today. :)
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I wanna write a different kind of review this time. It will be about things I´ve watched recently. Japanese TV and theaters production is my hobby for quite a long time and I´m amazed, that even though I already saw so many movies, doramas and animes, there´s still A LOT MORE to watch. I doubt my list will ever come to an end. XD
So, here we go…

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Also known as „Just One Love“, romantic dorama from 2006
Starring: Kamenashi Kazuya, Ayase Haruka, Tanaka Koki, Hiraoka Yuuta, Toda Erika

Well, I appointed to myself a task to watch all Kame´s doramas and as I already saw Gokusen 2 (and I just HAVE TO watch it again once, no matter what!), I decided to take it one by one and Tatta Hitotsu no Koi was just next in the line.

The story is set in modern port city Yokohama. HE tries hard to keep a ship-repair factory after his father suicide going on, SHE is a daughter of jewelry chain store owner not knowing what real poverty means. Coming from very different social backrounds, not likely to meet or even fall in love. And even though they do – fall in swimming pool. Pardon, I mean, in love. XD

The plot isn´t so original but processed very well. Kame as Kanzaki Hiroto was simply gorgeous with that earring in ear and the cigarette in hand XD and Ayase´s acting of Tsukioka Nao was cute. I liked all characters except Hiroto´s mother and Nao´s older brother. I was giggling at each awkward kissing scene, but whatever, there weren´t many of them, and it was very nice to watch hot those two get along. It made me laugh and cry, too. If you like good love stories, I can only recommend this one.

Live-action movie of fantasy manga series from 2007
Starring: Shibasaki Kou, Tsumabuki Satoshi

The story follows the adventures of a certain ronin during Sengoku period.
Hyakkimaru was born malformed, limbless and without facial features or internal organs. You ask why? Because his father Daigo made a contract with a demon, who gave him the power to rule the world in exchange for 48 parts of his unborn child´s body, which were divided between 48 demons.
The poor infant is found by a medicine man on the river, when his mother is forced to set him away. The man uses his healing magic and alchemical methods to give Hyakkimaru missing pieces of his body created from children, who died in the war and very special blade into his left arm, which is supposed to kill goblins and other supernatural beings. The boy later finds out that he can recover his missing body parts by killing the demons who possess them. During his journey he encounters young female thief, who is very interested in his blade and joins him.

Special effects weren´t perfect, but it didn´t matter to me. The story was very catchy and I was touched (or disgusted) by many scenes. I liked interactions between Hyakkimaru and Dororo the thief and Daigo was great example of what fucker can be a father.

1 Pound no Fukuin
Or „One-Pound Gospel“, romantic-comedy dorama from 2008
Starring: Kamenashi Kazuya, Kuroki Meisa

This one was real fun. XD
Hatanaka Kousaku is a young boxer with really strong punches, but unable to deal with his gluttony, which puts his weight up and doesn´t allow him to attend the flyweight class matches. During one of his harsh trainings to lose the weight he encountes Sister Angela, young nun for who he fells immediately. And although Angela resists his confessions, she starts to have feelings of affection for Kousaku, too.

OK, I was laughing constantly at Kame´s expressions. That guy is unbelievable. Total opposite of his Hiroto role and I couldn´t believe how great he was. In any mood, in any situation – cheerful, boxing, depressed, eating, pouting, drunk, crying, lying, fighting, arguing, jumping, hiding – I loved Hatanaka. XD
And Kame obviously trained a lot for this role, he looked… Erh… It´s better to see him than rely on a description. :D
Sister Angela is another story, though. I didn´t have a problem with Meisa´s acting from the start, but before the dorama ended, I was really annoyed by her. She had only three faces for whole role and even though she was funny at first, it was really boring nearing the end. And the final episode? Ehm, I could laugh my ass off at the wedding scene (after I put my jaw dropped from total „wth is this??“ back on its place). It was a little ehm... Strange, that they married and not even ever kissed, but regarding to certain current circumstances I´m really glad they didn´t do anything more intimate than brushing some speck from the cheek.
And the most hilarious thing – how could they say that Kame weighs over 60 kilos? O_O He had some weights in the shorts or what?? :D

I can´t wait for next Kame´s dorama!! (I need to prolong the day...) I´m lucky there´re so many of them I haven´t watched yet. :)

Fully called Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru or „Betrayal Knows My Name“, shounen-ai 24-episode anime series from 2010
My first shounen-ai anime! XD For those who don´t know what it means – „boys love“. And it´s really only love, no sex, search for „yaoi“, if you´re interested in this way. :P
Main character Sakurai Yuki is a teenager living in Asahi orphanage, near which he was abandoned after his birth. He´s trying to be independent, as he doesn´t like to be a burden to anyone. He lives with special ability to feel other´s emotions just by touch, unable to control it. The kids at the orphanage love him, but he knows he has to leave it as soon as he graduates from school.
All of the sudden his life changes drastically when mysterious and beautiful stranger saves his life and then another man appears, who claims to be his brother. But the truth, which Yuki finds out soon after that, is completely different. He´s bearer of Kami no Hikari (God´s Light) and belongs to Giou clan who use their special abilities to fight duras (demons), that threaten the balance of human world. This clan is full of very good looking guys, who don´t exactly search for relationship with girls. They are mostly divided into couple teams to be precise. :D
And beautiful stranger? His name is Luka, belonging to the clan of traitors, possessing great powers thanks to Bloody Cross seal and he loved Yuki´s reincarnation in previous life.

The story is not very complicated, flashbacks are explained only partially and everything is focused mostly on interactions between boys couples, but I liked it anyway. The way, the relations are described, is interesting and there were many scenes I really liked. Not to mention that Luka is really kakkoi guy! And unexpectably cute when he´s jelaous about Yuki. XD But my most favorite couple is Hotsuma and Shuusei. Hotsuma had a tough childhood and he wanted to kill himself, but Shuusei saved him by hugging him, when he set a fire on himself. Terrible scars were left on his chest, which is source of remorse for Hotsuma. They have really nice and interesting relation…
For those, who like beautiful anime guys, this is a feast for eyes. XD

And I think that´s enough for today…
Jaa ne!


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