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Konbanwa, mina-san! ^^/

It has been a long time since I started to write this post (it was in August, I think…). It somehow stuck in my computer only half-prepared and I just wasn´t able to finish it (from many many reasons). But finally! I could do it, and I´m proud of myself.   ^^´

Spin-chan ( [livejournal.com profile] spinelie), who now belongs to my ´thanks-LJ-for-letting-me-know-about-these-Hyphens´ Friends, was at the beginning of this idea, as she made this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFIta22AhOs) lovely video about her KAT-TUN Top 10…
I was thinking about doing something like this when the Anniversary Album was released and I´ve found out that Hyphens chose some songs, which I would not include into the Best OF (as Bounce Girl, or Shunkanshuuto) myself. It made me wonder if I´m able to do some selection at all. Because at first, when I tried to think about my favorite songs, I realized there would be at least Top 30 chart from them. I thought that I´m just not able to do it, because… you know… I love all their songs. XD
But following Spin-chan´s example, I decided to be harsh on myself and chose "really" only ten. Though, I cheated a little in the end…
I couldn´t do only one chart, so there are TWO of them. The first one includes only 6-nin songs and the second chart is for 5- and 4-nin songs.

I love KAT-TUN music in general and many of their songs are really… special for me, even though I do not consider them to be especially great as comes to music or lyrics, so I wasn´t able to choose a proper order for them. Therefore, they´re aligned according to the date of release or the sequence at the album. So, it doesn´t mean that REAL FACE mentioned as the first is my favorite. XD
Also, I´d like to mention that NO solos and NO special compilations (as Kizuna, Butterfly or Monster Night) are considered in those charts. I´d have to make a third one for those. XD

Let me know what your favorite KAT-TUN songs are, if you like, or make a chart on your own. It was not easy (IT WAS HELL TO PICK SO FEW, DAMN IT), but it was really a fun to do it. And it´s a good reminder of everything what our dear Captains accomplished so far.

Keep waiting for their comeback, kimitachi! ^^/

KAT-TUN Top 10... No less than two of them! )
Desperate note: And now tell me where the hell should I include Bokura no Machi de? And why TWILIGHT, BLACK, CRAZY LOVE, WHITE X-MAS or BIRTH couldn´t squeeze in there somewhere?!
Ok, I rather shut up already... XD


PS: Working also at RW II. Coming soon! ^^v
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Kon´nichiwa! ^^/

With a kind approval of
[livejournal.com profile] spinelie, I´d like to share the two of her hilarious videos about KAT-TUN, which are really... apt. :´D Both of them made me laugh so hard, I couldn´t stop even on the day after, just remembering it.

Just fyi, neither of them mean any offense to ANY of the members, so there´s no need to be upset or angry
(it´s obvious that she loves them just as the rest of us ^^´).
And hell, we all need some fun in these hiatus-days, right?

So, enjoy and keep waiting for our Pirates! ^^/



All the credits belong to:
YouTube Channel:

PS: And... it felt really... good, when I realized that (FINALLY) I´m able to laugh at all those facts and memories, despite the fact they´re still painful...
... it was about time....
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Kame´s message 10ks.JPG
Source: Allthingsjpop.wordpress.com

KAT-TUN held their last live tour “KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary Live Tour 10Ks!” on 1st May at the Tokyo Dome. After this, KAT-TUN activities will cease as they enter a recharge period. Below is the message from Kamenashi Kazuya.

Hi, this is KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi. Thank you for coming today. Before our 10th year anniversary, another member left again…From 6 members to 5, from 5 to 4, from 4 to 3. Every time this happens, we’re able to stand in front of everyone and talk(about moving forward together). However, time and again, we were not able to deliver our promises.

As a member of KAT-TUN, I’m really ashamed, regretful, and sorry. We, too, came so far after overcoming all these walls. When i feel like escaping, because of the support from everyone, i felt the need to stay in KAT-TUN, to be the Kamenashi who loves KAT-TUN. I’m really thankful.

From tomorrow onwards, we will have to put in our best in various places. I also hope to be able to move on with strength while searching for the new Kamenashi Kazuya, in my own time and place. I will treasure all the experience and scenes i’ve seen up till now, and hope i can bring it back to this place.

Finally, we KAT-TUN are K – Kamenashi Kazuya, A – Akanishi Jin, T-Taguchi Junnosuke, T-Tanaka Koki, U-Ueda Tatsuya, N – Nakamaru Yuichi. We are a group made of these 6. We might not exist if not for these 6, and I might not be able to meet everyone like this. The remaining 2 here (Nakamaru and Ueda) have been through alot, but we’d like to thank the 3 who left for walking so far.

From now, the future is a question mark. From time to time, we may make you worry, we ourselves will also feel the same. However, we will continue and make you feel that this is necessary in order to protect KAT-TUN.

So please continue to follow us. When each of us have gathered enough strength and feel like we’ve protected KAT-TUN, I’d like to return proudly as KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya. Please take care of us and thank you


...I want to hug you, Kame....
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Taka  Toru  Ryota  Tomoya

I cannot thank those guys enough. They made me smile and they gave me so much of positive energy...
With my dear sis, I was at ONE OK ROCK concert in Cologne, Germany (Köln, Deutschland) on Saturday and I still have that satisfied happy smile on my face.

You might know this Japanese rock band thanks to the ending movie songs for Rurouni Kenshin (The Beginning, Mighty Long Fall, Heartache) or Space Pirate Captain Harlock (Be the Light). Or maybe not, but they managed to make quite a name for themselves already and it´s hard not to notice them once you´re interested in Japan. XD

They overcame all my expectations. They were simply awesome and we enjoyed their live as nothing else for quite a long time.
Taka is an incredibly good singer; he made my jaw to drop for a few times, which really doesn´t happen to me often, and their energetic and cheerful behaviour was flooding all fans under the stage.The whole performance absolutely adorable, and definitely worth of the flight to Germany. I bet it will linger in my thoughts for quite a long time.

They managed to drag me out from the awfully gloomy mood, for which I´m endlessly grateful... I literally needed to experience something like this.
And I can´t wait to see them again sometime. ^^/
"Hontouni arigatou gozaimashita, ONE OK ROCK. <3"

My favorites from OOR ^_^v )
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Dear readers…

A warning first - this is quite a depressive entry…

I had absolutely no idea that I hit the point so much with the title of the latest RW chapter… It gives me the goosebumps now. To say that the past week sucked as comes for the J-entertainment news would be a damn understatement.

First Junno announced his departure from KAT-TUN, which threw me into a heart-aching pessimistic mood and as soon as I was able to talk out of it and calm down a little, just another unexpected shock came.
Shota of ADAMS (http://adamshota.com/), the guitarist and singer of this j-rock neosexual duo, suffered a brain stroke on the stage during their fourth concert of this year´s world tour in Warsawa, Poland. He passed away this morning, on 30th of November.

I still can´t believe it, really... What the hell is going on recently?

You might remember me mentioning ADAMS before; I´ve been on their concerts twice. Only months ago I was looking right into the eyes of this handsome guy, telling to him and Adam they were great. I´ve got his signature on their CD I bought there... With my sis, we were planning to attend their next concert in Prague, just within two weeks…

This came like a damn bolt from the blue; I´m still shocked and feel so sorry for Adam and all Shota´s relatives.

´Rest in peace, Shota-san.
I will always love what you managed to create with Adam, your great music and exciting performances. You brought something new, fresh and lovely to my overview of music. Thank you for that and for always coming back to even such a small country as Czech Republic.
I´ll not forget.´

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Who would have thought that I would be able to see these two hansome guys live on the stage again so soon?
It´s almost a year since I´ve found out about ADAMS, who are in the middle of their SEXPLOSION tour over Europe, and attended their live with my dearest sis. And here we go again...

Catchy, energetic, romantic, tragic, hopefull - all at once in each of their songs.
They were awesome again and I enjoyed their performance in a small Prague club much more than I´ve even hoped (who cares that quite unusual parts of my muscles ache and I barely talk? XD).
They gave me a new energy and good mood for the whole next week.

This time I couldn´t resist to buy their new CD and even get their signatures (and to tell them my humble arigatou personally ^_^).
Both Adam and Shota were quite tired after the show, but very nice and patient with their fans´ requests...
But what else to expect from Japanese. ^^

Official website: http://adamshota.com/

A pilot song from the new album (unfortunately, the rest of them is not available yet....)

PS: It was so good to catch some ´breeze´ from Japan... Thank you, guys... Please, come again. Onegaishimasu!

A new piece into my CD collection... ^^ )
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That day was sunny, hot and windy and I really learnt my lesson not to expose my European skin to the Japanese sun. XD
Landmark Tower
Beautiful day in Yokohama and evening with beer and Going! )

To be continued~
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Friday 26th of September… The first day of KAT-TUN´s ´come Here´ concerts in Tokyo.
This was my first thought after I woke up that morning. The fact, that we had no idea, whether we would even have a chance to get there or not, didn´t matter. I was getting ready for some concert without having a ticket in advance (which was somehow my life premiere :D) and I was nervous and excited at the same time...
Walk to Skytree

Stunning morning at Tokyo Skytree and heading to Harajuku... )

To be continued~
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Konbanwa minna-san! ^^/

After spending a great weekend at our cottage in the mountains and drinking a little preliminary for my birthday´s sake I´ve finally got an access to the Internet, so there´s time to catch up with a few things...

Last weekend I went to Prague, to meet with my friends, to do some shopping, to see a beautiful zoo and to attend a concert of 30 Seconds to Mars - American rock band, which is one of a few I like to listen a lot. The leader singer Jared Leto was great, he has a talent to make the people to give their all into it and I enjoyed the whole concert fully.

I´d like to share some of my favourite songs from this band.
In case you haven ´t heard about them so far, you can check it out. ^^




PS: One more post will follow... ^^


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