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It´s that time of the year again and... I just want to say THANK YOU.
Thank you to everyone, who are my Friends here on LJ, to everyone, who read my fanfics and especially to those who comment them.
It means much more to me than you think.

Have a nice time spent with those you love and who love you back.
Merry Christmas!

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My dear LJ friends and random visitors…

I do not intend to make any long intercession, as I´m sure you all are busy enough with the preparation for Christmas holidays and deserved relaxing, as well as myself.

Just let me wish you Merry Christmas spent with your
Precious ones, have a Good Time, while celebrating the New Year and avoid the hangovers. ;)

Once again I thank to those of you, who found some time to comment my posts, no matter if related to my fanfiction or private life, I´m glad I could met you at least in this virtual world.

Especially I thank to all RW readers for your support and nice encouraging words. It was a great time I spent writing this fic and replying to your comments. I hope to meet all of you again in 2015. ^^/

Enjoy the Christmas the best way possible.


A/N: Till today I didn´t even know that this picture exists, from some reason I fell in love with it and I really wanted to share it with you. ^^
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No matter the weather, no matter who we are with, no matter if we receive the gifts or not... Christmas time has always been and will be something special. That´s what I believe, at least.

To all of you, spend your Christmas with the people who are close to your heart, with those who you love and treasure. Enjoy the atmosphere, the tree, the cookies and gifts.
Simply have a nice special time. ^_^

And big thank you to all of you who read and comment RW.
Related Christmas gift from me will be a little belated. ^_^


AKame Christmas
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Well, I did fell asleep yesterday... XD
I was really exhausted after finishing that horrible working week, and a few beers worked out better than any sleeping pills. XD
But now... My vacation is here finally! And I´ll make sure to enjoy every single day of it.

Just a short summary of past weeks... )

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To everybody, who might come to visit my journal in next few days...

I would like to wish you a nice time during Christmas spent with the ones you love. That´s one of the most important things about these holidays and people shouldn´t forget it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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It´s almost here again. One of my most favorite parts of the year. Christmas time.

To be clear, I hate the crowds in supermarkets, annoying advertisements about the cheapest sales out, the way how some people hunt for the best presents etc. I like the illuminations on the streets, the falling snowflakes (not so much recently, unfortunately, the stupid thaw... :/), the way how I can decorate my apartment, the scent of fresh baked Christmas cookies, old fairy tales on TV, which I like to watch even though I know them by heart, sitting at one table with my family and eating unusual dinner, laughing with them during unpacking the presents and the long talking with them, for which we cannot find time during the year, with the glasses of our home-made wine in our hands...

There are so many things which make Christmas special. But it seems that a lot of people already forgot about what these holidays really are... And that´s really sad.

The reality has been kinda tough for me in past few weeks and that´s also one of the reasons, why I´m looking forward to Christmas so much. I will have vacation for a week!! XD
So, I made some photos of my Christmas tree and Christmas cookies, which I baked alone for the first time. :) And I hope it will be edible. XD

Look at the photos.... :) )


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