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I do like this article... Beyblade will always be something special for me, I guess.

Read more about my fist serious crush... )
Btw, just from curiosity, anyone here who knows/ogles/loves Kai too? ^^

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I´ve always been better at written words than said ones. We should say important things aloud, but it´s just that I can express myself much better in writing, when I can think out of what I want to say properly.

I was keeping a diary, when I was much younger and I´m really glad for that as there are many things, which I wouldn´t be able to recall, if I didn´t write them down. Both happy and sad stuff, everything what belongs to my life.
LJ is nothing like a diary for me, but it´s similar. I publish my thoughts, opinions, experiences and photos here. And of course, my AKame fanfiction ´RED WEST´, which is available for everyone to read, if you like.
I´m addicted to everything connected with Japan, from anime to music, and especially to KAT-TUN, who remain 6-nin in my heart now and forever.

In case that any of my entries will catch your interest, I´ll be grateful for comment. If you would like to add me as Friend, please contact me first - either in comment or PM - and tell me something about yourself or your reason for adding me. I´m not adding back otherwise.

I hope you´ll enjoy your time spent on my LJ.


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Jun. 12th, 2012 10:42 am
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Greetings to everyone…

To be honest, I created LJ account from just one simple reason – I really wanted to comment certain AKame fanfiction (http://8ak-fic-realm8.livejournal.com/ of tanakakoki_fan is basically AKame fans paradise, I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes beautiful, sad and also funny stories) and that was it. I had no intention to post some random things from my life or whatever. But… Since this account already exists, I think I´ll try to write something at least little interesting here from time to time, as I enjoy writing in English more than in my mother tongue (even though I already have two other blogs, to which I should pay my attention more….).
Well, now some tiny info about me. I think I´m quite normal girl. I live in Czech Republic – small country in the center of Europe and I´m kinda obsessed with anything connected to Japan for many years now – anime, manga, dorama, music, etc. I also write HP fanfiction in Czech and one of my dreams is to publish a book (with my own original story of course) once. I like mountains hiking, winter season, black and blue colors, spaghetti, and beer. I don´t like my job, football, insect, pink color, mushrooms and sour milk. I´ve been working in the office of certain unnamed factory for almost four years now, and it´s very tiring and my boss is an asshole.

Eeh, this doesn´t seem interesting at all, sorry… :D But it´s some beginning, right?


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