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Title: No More... Part 4
Author: Kasumi
([livejournal.com profile] witchann2)
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance
Warning: AKame pairing, boys love; Don´t like - don´t read, don´t hate.

Beta-reading: None
Dedication: I´d like to dedicate this little one-shot to [livejournal.com profile] reika_kun, who requested me to write something about topless Jin as a result of our fangirling over his latest plug air videos. XD I know it´s nothing special, dear, but once I thought of something, I was not able to give up on the idea. I hope you´ll enjoy it. ^^v
Summary: August 2016… Kame is resting at home, browsing the web…

A/N: The fourth part doesn´t follow the “plot” in the previous NM parts, as it takes place a few years later, but it´s still the same universe. It was interesting to create something else apart from my precious western story for once and I found writing this little piece of AKame definitely more enjoyable than being uselessly upset about the recent news related to Junno´s solo… On which I´m not able to comment with a cool head yet.

Additional disclaimer: The whole "No More" series is just a fanfiction and it means no offense or disrespect to Kamenashi Kazuya-san, Akanishi Jin-san or to their families and friends.

Credit for a banner: seiko22

Part 1 - No More Words // Part 2 - No More Excuse s // Part 3 - No More Surprises //

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Dear RW readers...

Last time I made a similar post, someone mentioned that it´d have been nice to listen to the music, which I use for stirring my imagination regarding to ´Red West´, while actually reading the fanfic. So, I´ve decided to "publish" the first part of OST for RW II., ´cause yes, I did this again. From some reason, it´s fun to choose the songs fitting to this story. There is also the second part of this "OST", but since the rest of the songs would have been a little... spoiling, I keep them secret for now. ^^´

In case you´re interested, you can download it here on uložto.cz:

Password/Heslo: Aka_NishiOST1

The list of songs and all the credits follow below in the cut, but just as the last time - I recommend you to listen without knowing the original source of the songs.

And in case you had missed the previous post, here you can find the RW I. OST:
Password/Heslo: JinGunslinger


PS: RW II. Chapter twenty nine is already in the beta-reader mailbox. ^^v

Red West II. OST 1 - List of songs )
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Konbanwa minna-san! ^^/

Today, I´ve got just a little summary of recent KAT-TUN related news, about which you certainly know, but I´d like to share it anyway…

Released on 2nd March; officially their last 4-nin single… I really like the play of white and black in the PV and especially those parts where there is “more” of them - they are so kakkoiii… *o*
I think this was a perfect choice for the last 4-nin PV to be made; they made me laugh so hard over it (for the 1st time since Junno has announced his departure). I really needed something like this…


“10ks” Album
The list of ´Best of´ songs was released; just going through it made me feel so nostalgic… I´m “afraid” this will be one of those things I just NEED TO OWN. ^^´ Not to mention those covers! I approve. :D
Plus, there is a new 3-nin song (ballad) ´Kimi no Yume, Boku no Yume´ included. I got inexplicably excited about the information that the same person (Suga Shikao), who wrote ´Real Face´ for them is behind this. I´m so curious about it!
(The realization that they made this in 3-nin unit still saddens me, but… We all are trying to deal with all of this somehow, right?)

Fight-oh! ^^v


PS: I´m aware that I somehow (don´t ask me how) ended up in a kind of “unannounced hiatus” myself. It has been a month (already??? O_O) since I posted the last RW chapter. Gomen ne… But since there is a “free” weekend in front of me, I promise I´ll work hard to provide you with a different kind of update too… ^^ Not to mention I miss my western AKame as hell.
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Minasan... My dears...

The visits of my LJ has just exceeded 40 000 today! \^^/

(Maybe it doesn´t seem to be of any importance, but it has a great significance to me...)
Moreover, I think that for the first time since I´ve created this profile, the most of the visitors are from the Czech Republic - how comes that I don´t know you all in person?! :D :D

So, no matter that most of you are very (VERY) silent, at least thanks to the Flagcounter I know you´re out there. ^^v
I´d like to thank you all for stopping by, for reading and for every and each of your comment you left behind either at my precious RW story or anywhere else.

Arigatou gozaimashita!

PS: Btw, did you already see KAT-TUN´s performace of TRAGEDY?
Watching it reminded me very painfully, that I don´t want to lose the FOUR of them, I really don´t... T_T
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Rating: NC-17

Genre: Western, Drama, Romance
Warning: AKame pairing; vulgarisms, violence
Beta-reading: [livejournal.com profile] atago4
Summary: Once upon a time in the west... During the wild period of the United States formation, the two guys met, became close friends and lovers, before they had to go separate ways again... Jin is desperately searching for his younger brother Leo, who is wanted for a murder, while Kazuya follows his track, after he had helped the remaining Indians of Blackfeet Tribe to move into the reservation. Will they be able to meet again and overcome the new obstacles? And does the affectionate relationship of the two young men even have any chance in the cruel times?
Thank you: To
seiko22 for always supporting me; To [livejournal.com profile] atago4 for awesome beta-reading; And to Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin for being who they are...

AN: Hisashiburi! ^^/
Is anyone out here yet, my dear readers?
Unfortunately, the reality caught me a little unprepared again and the gap between the last RW chapter and this new one just grew longer and longer, until finally I was able to write my precious fanfic again...
There´s also some news! To my great relief and satisfaction I have a new beta-reader! Atago-kun was so kind to agree he´ll be doing it for me. So, I do believe you will enjoy reading even more now, hopefully without any useless mistakes.
This chapter is not very action-like, but soon we´ll be moving on with the story very quickly... Be grateful for those ´calm´ parts now. :D
And you know it  - I love your comments. ^^´

I´m really grateful for every opinion or advice and always happy to know my readers.
our comments are my best reward and kick me off to try harder and keep writing.

Chapter one - On the road // Chapter two - Two surprising captives // Chapter three - Brothers´ reunion // Chapter four - Queen City // Chapter five - Encounters // Chapter six - Silver King // Chapter seven - Significant information // Chapter eight - Fruits of cooperation // Chapter nine - A matter of trust // Chapter ten - Gangsters´ voting // Chapter eleven - Whispers in the dark // Chapter twelve - Leo´s decision // Chapter thirteen - The departure // Chapter fourteen - Killing time // Chapter fifteen - Parting in Ohio // Chapter sixteen - Unexpected // Chapter seventeen - Back in the saddles //

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RW II. Banner.jpg
Credit for banner: witchann2
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Dear RW readers...

I´m not happy to announce this, you need to know that. ^_^´

Up until yesterday, I really hoped that I would be able to finish the next chapter, but unfortunately I have been very busy with either my job or other stuff and I just couldn´t find some real free time for writing...
I´m going spend the whole weekend with my friends, with our reunion starting this evening already, and next Wednesday I´m going to London for a few days. This trip will be continued with some days off in my country and also with the otaku convention in Prague (once again the whole-weekend-thing).
Moreover, considering that I will be flooded with work after my return to the reality...  I´m sorry, but I have to announce a little RW II. hiatus - aka I´m taking the ´writing vacation´ for the rest of August. Please, do not expect any new RW II. chapter sooner than in the beginning of September.

Thank you for understanding and have a nice summer, dears!
And hold on with me, please, I already have some withdrawal symptoms from the lack of AKame writing... You can bet I will be on them again as soon as I can.

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Dear RW readers!

I´m happy and proud that I can present you the Red West trailer made by my dearest beta-reader [livejournal.com profile] theblackheat, who sent this to me just today, as a very surprising and lovely birthday gift.
Once again, thank you so much, dear. <3 <3 <3

Here you go...  Enjoy! ^_^

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Dear RW readers... (and anyone else who might be interested... ^_^)

Already for some time I was wondering if I should share this with you or not.
In the end I decided that it would be a shame if you had been deprived of it (especially after I received a very positive reaction from my quality-beta for anything aka [livejournal.com profile] seiko22).

During writing of Red West, I got this idea about creation of some kind of soundtrack for it (got inspired by another AKame-fanfics writer, I admit m^_^m).
Some of them took me long hours to pick, but there are also the ones, at which I was sure they fit the story perfectly right away.

So, in case you´d like to know what I usually listen to while I am doing the self-beta-reading recently, here is the link for download:
Update on 6th April:
I made it available on Czech website uložto.cz (seems I have some issues with justcloud...)
Password for an access (heslo): JinGunslinger

I would like to make a video from it and share it on YT as well, but that will take some time.

The list of the songs, which I´ve used for this little OST, along with the source and credits, follows in the cut.
But anyway, I recommend to listen to it without knowing the original source first, your imagination will work better that way, I suppose. ;)

Enjoy, and I will be grateful if you like to share your opinion.

PS: Working actively on RW II. Coming soon. ^_^

Red West I. OST - List of songs + credits )
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I will make it a little private this year...
Kame 29th birthday 2
I love his voice and smile, I adore his so damn various skills.
He can make me laugh and also cry.
He gives me the strength and helps me to keep my faith in the good things.
He is one of the two, who had showed me the light, when I couldn´t see it myself.
And he doesn´t have even a slightest idea, how much he means to me…

No matter what I will be always grateful for stumbling upon this incredible person named Kamenashi Kazuya.
I hope he enjoyed his 29th birthday properly (seriously, I want a contact for his supplier of rejuvenation potion!) and
also that all of you spent our Kame-day smiling! ^^
Kame 29th birthday

PS: A lot of changes in my life are closing in to their finale and it feels like I can´t stop and relax even for a minute. But soon I will definitely find more time for writing, to make some update as comes for the private stuff, as well as for my precious fanfic. Till then... Jaa! ^^/
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RW Banner

Rating: NC-17
Western, Drama, Romance
Summary: To live in the Wild West is nothing for weaklings. Is there even any space for the values as friendship and love? Or should all emotions be forgotten, if you want to survive?
Kazuya lives with his mother in the small town in Montana, not aware of that the arrival of one handsome stranger is going to sway not only with his life, but also with his heart...
Jin seeking the vengeance for his best friend would have never thought that one nice bartender is going to change him much more than he could have ever expected...
Warning: AKame pairing; AU; vulgarisms, violence


// Prologue //
Chapter one - Newcomer in the town // Chapter two - Indian friend //
Chapter three - Blackfeet Tribe // Chapter four - Sneaking and spying //
Chapter five - Shooting competition // Chapter six - Value of life //
Chapter seven - Into the woods // Chapter eight - Tracking down //
Chapter nine - Grizzly // Chapter ten - The last campfire //
Chapter eleven - Troubles comeback // Chapter twelve - Karnaka´s residence //
Chapter thirteen - Silence before the storm // Chapter fourteen - Fatal confrontation //
Chapter fifteen - Care // Chapter sixteen - At the stake //
Chapter seventeen - Surprising outcome // Chapter eighteen - Ravings //
Chapter nineteen - The kiss // Chapter twenty - Telegram //
Chapter twenty one - Bad feelings // Chapter twenty two - Kuro´s moment //
Intermezzo - Yamapi //
Chapter twenty three - The slave // Chapter twenty four - No more pain //
Chapter twenty five - Power of emotions // Chapter twenty six - Kame´s choice //
Chapter twenty seven - No justice // Chapter twenty eight - High price //
Chapter twenty nine - Bonds // Chapter thirty - Standing up together //
Chapter thirty one - Revealing secrets // Chapter thirty two - Voice of heart //
Chapter thirty three - Important meeting // Chapter thirty four - Snowstorm //
Chapter thirty five - Dispute of generations // Chapter thirty six - In the heat of battle //
Chapter thirty seven - Liwan´s advice // Chapter thirty eight - Peaceful days //
Chapter thirty nine - Back in civilization // Chapter forty - The trial //
Chapter forty one - Ice // Chapter forty two - Unfinished business //
Chapter forty three - Planning and preparations // Chapter forty four - Fire //
Chapter forty five - Losing control // Chapter forty six - Behind the last wall //
Chapter forty seven - Uninvited visitor // Chapter forty eight - Wanted //
Chapter forty nine - One day

This fanfiction is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] theblackheat and [livejournal.com profile] seiko22. ´Red West´ wouldn´t have been created without you two. <3



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